By: Mike Corney | 2/2/2017
It has taken me a while to get back to this wonderful story. My life became very busy during these last five years with raising our young children to opening a new business but I've always managed to squeak out some writing hours as I love the process even though my passion clearly exceeds my talent...    Read More
By: Mike Corney | 2/15/2016
Just competed the second draft of my second book in the series! And I'm really happy with it so far. Going with Fear of Six as a working title. Now just a matter of getting it edited, laid out, a cover designed, negotiating printing costs and establishing a marketing strategy. Then we'll be ...    Read More
By: Mike Corney | 2/11/2014
It's been a while since I've posted and I should let you know that I'm back at writing book #2. I'm about 60,000 words into it and am so glad to be able to finally put onto paper ideas and scenarios that have been floating around my head for years. I've given up putting a time frame on its c...    Read More
By: Mike Corney | 12/19/2012
Just reached the 30,000 word mark on book #2. Book #1 had about 150,000 words and book 2 will likely end with about 120k. Janice has given me the green light to get some writing done over the holidays. The second book has a ton of action already. I nearly had forgotten how much I love writin...    Read More
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