To Relaunch or Not To
By: Mike Corney | 2/2/2017
It has taken me a while to get back to this wonderful story. My life became very busy during these last five years with raising our young children to opening a new business but I've always managed to squeak out some writing hours as I love the process even though my passion clearly exceeds my talent.

I desperately want to move forward with this tale for it's been swimming around in my brain for over 10 years now. There is so much to tell and so little time to tell it all. Truth be told, I actually completed the first draft of my next TWO books back in 2016. One is nearly in a finished form while the other remains very raw still. But before we publish these it feels imperative to go back and rework the original novel first.


Because it needed an overhaul. It was my first novel and I made several strategic errors at that time. In 2012 we first launched this epic series with a self titled novel called the Gift of Six. Since then we've learned a lot more about writing, marketing, design and the whole self-publishing industry.

First off, the original novel was too long. It was close to 150,000 words where most mainstream novels in our genre are in the 70,000 - 90,000 word range. So this made printing it very expensive. Also most people are hesitant to risk investing in a new novel that contains this large a word count.

Secondly, though we had several editors, we found more mistakes than we'd care to admit. So we decided to rework the original book and during the process we added more details and snippets to the core story. When we were finished with our second edition the length of the original novel was now closer to 200,000 words and this was simply too large in word count to proceed with.

Conclusion: We decided to make two books out of the original Gift of Six novel. This wasn't only a monetary decision (although finances are certainly a concern). We simply aren't making money off this venture nor do we ever really expect to. This was more of a length and flow issue.

The first book of the reworked series will now be called the Dawn of Six and it is taken primarily from the first half of the original novel with added details. The second book is now called the Fate of Six and it is taken from the second half of the original novel, again with new added details. Our newest novel will be called the Fear of Six and it'll be the first, completely new telling since 2012.

Anyways we are hoping to launch all three titles in 2017. So stay tuned for further announcements.
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