What Book Should I Read Next?

The Issue:
In 2012 we first launched this epic series with a self titled novel called the Gift of Six. Since then we've learned a lot more about writing, marketing, design and the whole self-publishing industry. We had obviously made a few errors in our original strategy.

First off, the original novel was too long. It was close to 150,000 words where most mainstream novels in our genre are in the 70,000 - 90,000 word range. So this made printing it very expensive. Also most people are hesitant to risk investing in a new novel this long.

Secondly, though we had several editors, we found more mistakes than we'd care to admit. So we decided to rework the original book and during the process we added more details and snippets to the core story. When we were finished with our second edition the length of the original novel was now closer to 200,000 words and this was simply too big to proceed with.

Conclusion: So we decided to make two books out of the original Gift of Six novel. This wasn't simply a money decision (although finances are certainly a concern). We simply aren't making money off this venture nor do we ever fully expect to. This is more of a length and flow issue.

The first book is now called the Dawn of Six and it is taken primarily from the first half of the original novel with added details. The second book is now called the Fate of Six and it is taken from the second half of the original novel, again with new added details.

So if you read the original Gift of Six novel you can essentially skip the Dawn of Six (Book #1) and the Fate of Six (Book #2).

Where Should You Jump In: You can safely start with the Fear of Six (Book #3) as this is the first completely new telling since 2012. You won't be missing too much from the newly reworked editions previously mentioned. Of course feel free to read those first two as well. It would be a great way to get back into the story and I'm sure you'd learn some new tidbits that you hadn't gleamed before.

Either way, happy reading! We hope you enjoy.
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