Fate of Six

Gift of Six Book #2

Written by Michael Corney
To be published in 2017

A young man's life turns into complete chaos when the last member of a secret group dies off. Eighteen year old Conway Fletcher inherits a role within this illusive faction and is subsequently forced to follow in his late father's direful footsteps. As part of the journey he receives a gift that grants him unimaginable abilities while consistently dropping him into danger's very own backyard.

Conway has to traverse the globe in order to unlock the gift's mystery and to figure our how his father is connected while defending himself against nefarious forces bent on using him to accomplish their own selfish desires. If he takes proper action his friends and family will thrive but if not everyone around him will surely come into harm's way. With stakes this high he's afforded very few mistakes.

Fans of Robert Ludlum, Stan Lee and Suzanne Collins will be delighted by this roller-coaster ride of mystery, action and suspense.

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Note to Faithful Readers

If you read the original Gift of Six novel (published in 2012) and are confused by these new titles please Click Here to see which book you should read next.

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