The Gifts

The Gift of Six is made up of six seemingly ordinary heirlooms which grant unique supernatural abilities to those that bear them. Unfortunately they also deliver harmful side affects which differ from person to person and gift to gift. Each Gift has a distinct symbol etched into it called a Chnarvie, which is this strange one eyed monkey like creature. We'll learn more about them in upcoming books. They can be seen below.

Gift and Form Ablities Side Affects
Gift of Knowledge

Form: Car Phone
Retrieves digital data. Headaches
Gift of Strength

Form: Ring
Grants health,
strength and speed.
Gift of Wealth

Form: Wallet
Delivers unlimited
cash instantly.
Gift of Location

Form: Pocket Watch
Transportation to
photographed locations.
Gift of Vision

Form: Sunglasses
Reveals the hidden. Headaches
Gift of Semblance

Form: Locket
Transforms appearance. Confusion
Mental Fatigue

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